November 2011 CE Opportunity

Mark you calendar and join us November 4, 2011 for a two-part presentation by Dr. Lary C. George, Jr., DDS, MS. Dr. George will present "When Bad Implants Happen to Good People" and "Vintage Concepts for Today's Implant Dentistry".

When Bad Implants Happen to Good People
In the real world, very few cases present themselves in textbook fashion. Trauma, lack of team communication and lack of education can result in less than ideal implant placement. The result is a need for creative implant restorative options. This program is a review of challenging cases and some tips for handling these difficult situations. In addition, unique solutions utilizing precision attachments and advanced technology will be discussed. This exciting material (some might say shocking) along with the presenters energetic style make this a fun and enjoyable learning experience.

Vintage Concepts for Today's Implant Dentistry 
Implant dentistry has had a major impact on treatment planning tooth replacement. The way cases are viewed today, as opposed to just a few years ago, is considerably different. However, many concepts of restorative dentistry remain viable and useful. Vintage Concepts for Today’s Implant Dentistry takes
a look at treatment planning using basic restorative principles and techniques.

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