Oral Appliances for Parafunctional Control CE

Please join Oral Arts Dental Lab for "Oral Appliances for Parafunctional Control", a special lecture presentation that will introduce and develop the rationale for use of a uniquely designed anterior deprogramming device for diagnostic, therapeutic, and restorative uses in the general dental practice. These devices, approved by the FDA for the treatment and prevention of migraine headaches, also have a much broader application in a restorative and cosmetic dental practice.

In addition to understanding the design, fabrication, placement and adjustment of these devices, participants will gain greater confidence in long term success for reconstructive and implant cases. Doctors will learn to use the device to locate a comfortable, restorative centric, to take a repeatable bite at that centric, and to control the parafunctional forces that may have contributed to the patient’s condition and need for rehabilitation.

November 1 in Waterloo and November 2 in Mason City.

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