NTI-tss Plus FAQ

How much posterior vertical opening will there be? The opening should be minimal. We want “business card” clearance in all excursive movements.

Will my patient’s teeth super erupt? Because the patient cannot eat with the appliance and since they are only wearing the appliance for 8-10 hours per day, their teeth will have enough stimulation to keep the teeth from super erupting.

Can it be re-lined in the office? Yes, with Snap acrylic or clear ortho acrylic.

Can we do an NTI if my patient has...?
Lingual retainer
- Yes, extend appliance two teeth past the lingual retainer or fabricate on opposing arch.
Crowns - We prefer to cover crowns, but it is ok to oppose full coverage crowns.
Veneers - We prefer to cover veneers with a soft liner.

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