What is PMZ?

An all-ceramic restoration with a zirconia core and a porcelain overlay. An alternative to PFM’s, the PMZ is more esthetic than the total zirconia BruxZir® restoration and can be prescribed anywhere in the mouth. By integrating the best of class CAD/CAM systems, Oral Arts has created a crown that delivers on price, fit, strength and esthetics.

Why PMZ?

  • Scanned, designed and milled for a precision fit superior to PFM’s
    . A perfection solution in anterior and posterior
    . Metal Free alternative to PFM’s
    . Predictable Price - No volatile gold costs
    . Large span bridges available
    . Conventional Cementation. Use your favorite cement
  • Zirconia Strength
    . 2x stronger than alumina ceramics 
    . 5x stronger than conventional glass ceramics
    . Strength of a PFM
  • Esthetics of an all ceramic
    . Natural translucency 
    . No black oxidation lines or gingival graying

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